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Photo by Randy Patterson



Tennessee Theatre – Knoxville, Tennessee

March 2, 2016


Foreigner once again commandeered the stage of the beautiful Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, Tennessee. And, just as they did during their last visit to our city a year and a half ago, they blew away the enthusiastic, sell-out crowd. Knoxville loves Foreigner and Foreigner, obviously, loves Knoxville.

Again, just like last time, the crowd was on its feet from the git-go. Songs like Head Games, Double Vision, Cold As Ice, Say You Will, Urgent, and


Photo by Randy Patterson

many other songs were performed in ways that insured that our minds would be flooded with nostalgia.  I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t love at least one of Foreigner’s songs?

What has become a key point of their show is when the band launches into Waiting For A Girl Like You as well as I Want To Know What Love Is. Each and every time I’ve seen the band, the audience is singing and swaying to these two songs and loving every second of it. 

Who can blame them?

While many of the more in-tune fans in the audience may have noticed that Mick Jones and Lou Gramm weren’t part of the band line-up, the absence didn’t dampen their enthusiasm during the show. I’ve seen the band three times and under various configurations and each and every time, they were fantastic and I will gladly see them again in the future.

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