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Todd Rundgren
Label: Esoteric Antenna
Review Date: April 26, 2015


Whenever a Todd Rundgren CD comes out, one knows that they’re about to experience musical genius and brilliance at a Mozartian level. His latest release, “Global, “solidifies those expectations yet again.

Masterful, intricate, layered melodies and musicianship capture the listener from the opening sounds of “Evrybody” (yes, Todd spelled it that way) to the closing, staticy end of “This Island Earth.” Tight. Electrifying. Hypnotic. Rundgren. 

Lyrically thought provoking and eyebrow-raising (especially on “Blind”), one is left wondering what depths – and how metaphysical – a conversation with Rundgren might be like if one had the privilege of chatting with him. I met the man backstage at a Ringo concert earlier this year and he seemed everyman enough but, as fans know, the dude is a deep thinker and the lyrics on the songs on this album reflect that.

If you’re not already a Todd Rundgren fan or have never experienced his music (yeah, right), I would submit “Global” as a great way to be introduced to this great man’s work. If you’re already a fan, then you’re not going to need this review to convince you to purchase this album. In fact, I’d wager that half of you already have and the other half didn’t know he had a new album out until you read this review.

Glad to be of service.