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The Rolling Stones

Studio: ABKCO/Interscope

Released: November 13, 2012

Reviewed: November 25, 2012



GRRR! isn’t only the name of the new release by The Rolling Stones, it’s also the sound all of us avid fans are making when we learn that it’s not a collection of all new tunes by the greatest rock and roll band in the world. There would be two more r’s in our “grrr” if the Mick, Keith and the boys didn’t slip in two new tunes in their greatest hits collection.

More about those songs in a moment.


GRR! is a three CD/50 song collection are derived from many – but not all – of the Stones’ albums they’ve recorded in their fifty year history (For instance, their last album, Bigger Bang, isn’t represented on this compilation).  When one considers the cost of downloading individual songs, the twenty-something or so dollar price tag makes the 3 CD collection quite a bargain. And, if you’re a Stones fan (and you must be if you’re taking the time to read this review), you don’t need me to pontificate on the virtues of the songs included (or not) on the discs.


As for the two new songs, I find that they, in and of themselves, represent both the band’s historic span of musical prowess as well as their newer angle on music.  For instance, Doom and Gloom’s flavor sounds like it may have been written during the Bigger Bang or even the Dirty Work era.  One More Shot, on the other hand, conjures up memories of Street Fighting Man as well as Mixed Emotions.  Both tunes are great and both worth owning.  It’s up to you to determine if you prefer to download just the two or to buy GRRR! so that you can complete your Stones library.  Either way, you win.


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