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bbuellhardloveHard Love
By: Bebe Buell
Label: Niji Entertainment
Review Date: September, 2011

Hard Love is the latest studio offering by rock mama, Bebe Buell. I say “rock mama” because she comes roaring out of the gate on this album with her new tune, Mother of Rock and Roll. After years of being called the “mother of Liv (Tyler)”, the mother of fashion, the mother of this and the mother of that, Buell tells Boomerocity that she decided to just own the label, “Mother of Rock and Roll” and own it she does, musically shredding the face of her fans and unsuspecting listeners alike.

Produced under the steady hand of Stephen “Stevie D” DeAcutis and Buell’s husband and musical sidekick, Jim Wallerstein, Hard Love kicks musical butt. In fact, Jim co-wrote my personal favorite from the disc. Entitled Got It All Wrong, it’s about the fickleness and treachery that is found too often in alleged friendships and rides on some great, straight-forward rock and roll played as it should be.

Buell fans will notice some tunes on the album which also appeared on her previous album, Sugar. Believe me when I say that you’ll want to own these versions of those tunes. They’re delivered with more rawness and vicious passion that somehow overshadows the previous versions (and that is no small accomplishment!). My personal favorite from that batch of tunes is Buell’s tribute to Joey Ramone, Black Angel, a close friend of Buell’s who is, obviously, still deeply missed.

Bebe and the band also offer up some great covers, especially the Gang of Four’s I Love A Man In A Uniform. She drives that song like she stole it. I’d love to see Bebe perform this one live as I’m certain it will be quite the crowd pleaser. But, then again, the album’s 11 tunes are sure to be crowd pleasers.

Keep an eye and ear open for Bebe. She’ll definitely be covered by the global press in the months ahead due to the strength of this album and her future show dates.

This is going to be fun!