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Heaven Adores You

Elliott Smith

Studio: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Release Date: July 17, 2015

Review Date: July 19, 2015


Elliott Smith.  Heard of him?  If you’re into the deepest of indie music, chances are you have. Or, if you are a movie buff, you would’ve been exposed to his work via his song, "Miss Misery". It was in the film, “Good Will Hunting”, and was ultimately nominated for an Oscar in 1998 for Best Original Song.

From his early first band, Heatmiser, to his prolific solo work, Elliott was building a solid, underground, almost cult-like fan base when “Miss Misery” catapulted him into widespread fame. Five years later, at the tender age of 34, Smith left this life under odd and mysterious circumstances.

The life and career of Elliott Smith has been chronicled in a very interesting documentary entitled, “Heaven Adores You”. The film is an intimate, meditative inquiry into his life and music. By threading his music through the dense yet often isolating landscapes of the three major cities he lived in: Portland, New York & Los Angeles, Heaven Adores You presents a visual journey and an earnest review of the singer’s prolific songwriting and the impact it continues to have on fans, friends, and fellow musicians.

This moving film leaves an indelible picture of a genuine talent.  This is a rich view of an incredible and accomplished musician, a view that places music at the center of Elliott Smith’s legacy. Heaven Adores You takes an affectionate but absorbing look at the work of a truly important artist.

In addition to the full film, the DVD includes a bonus performance of “Heaven Adores You” by Aaron Espinoza (vocalist/guitarist of indie rock band Earlimart) and a full hour of extended interviews with many of the contributors to the main film.

Fans of Elliott Smith will most definitely want this as part of their own video library as will indie music fans and music historians.