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Hundred Dollar Valentine

Chris Smither

Label: Signature Sounds

Release Date: June 19, 2012

Review Date: June 17, 2012



Hundred Dollar Valentine is the twelfth studio album by Chris Smither and showcases – as great as ever – the signature fingerpicking acoustic guitar work that he is so well known for. As his press people have said about this album – and I happen to agree – that this album delivers “sonic textures meshed with spare, brilliant songs, delivered in a bone-wise, hard-won voice”.


Smither’s incredibly unique blend of blues, country and folk is pure, unadulterated genius. Smither describes his style as “one-third Lightnin’ Hopkins, one-third Mississippi John Hurt and one-third me”.  So, for y’all who love acoustic blues, this is a must-have album to get for your listening library. 


The CD is comprised of original Smither compositions and are clearly crafted from his heart.  He’s supported by artists such as Morphine, Groovasaurus, and the Lemonheads players and is produced by the steady, guiding and talented hand of David “Goody” Goodrich. 


Three randomly picked Boomerocity favorites from the ten are: 


What It Might Have Been – “ . . . They say the good die young, but it ain’t for certain, I been good all day and I ain’t hurtin’ . . .” The tune is great, by the numbers acoustic blues at its best.  This one got a lot of repeated slaps of the repeat button on the Boomerocity player, that’s for sure! 


The haunting All We Need To Know will burn its lonesome sounds deep into your mind with each and every listen – the lyrics thought provoking.  “We get a season, never long, don’t believe in siren songs, promises of answers shining clear, don’t spend it on your knees asking someone won’t you please give me a reason, a hint why I am here . . .”. 


Finally, I Feel the Same round out the randomly chosen pick of three Boomerocity favorites.  Slow, bluesy, smooth, the lyrics share the heart of a broken relationship, “ . . . Broken soul, a heart that’s breakin’, can’t make it whole till you know what’s been taken . . .”.  Brilliantly written and performed from the heart.   


Acoustic blues lovers will love this CD and will want to pick up the rest of Smither’s work after listening to it. Yeah, it’s that good.




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