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Incubus HQ Live


Label: Sony Legacy

Release Date: August 14, 2012

Review Date: August 12, 2012



In the summer of 2011, Incubus converted a vacant storefront space in Hollywood into a hi-tech, low-key residency.  The result was six nights of free performances and fan encounters.  Those six evenings were captured on video and is now packaged in a special offering entitled  Incubus HQ Live. 


Actually, there are three separate multi-disc packages that are being offered.  The three releases consist of: Incubus HQ Live, a16-track CD and  DVD; Incubus HQ Live Special Edition, a 28-track double-CD and DVD; and the Incubus HQ Live Limited Edition Box Set that is available ONLY at for a limited timesk.  The DVD content is the same for all three configurations but will contain significantly different song sequences than the CDs do so you’ll definitely want to purchase the best package of the bunch. 


The performances at Incubus HQ Live were a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity for a handful of fans to be up close and personal with the band.  The performances served as exordium to the 2011 release of their album, If Not Now, When? and include band members Brandon Boyd (lead vocals, percussion, guitar), Mike Einziger (lead guitar, piano, backing vocals), Chris Kilmore (keyboards, turntables), Ben Kenney (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Jose Pasillas II (drums).  Highlights of the various interactions fans included instrument lessons with band members, a turntable workshop, and a contest winner signing with Incubus backing her. 


Boomerocity received a review copy of the Special Edition set that includes two CDs and the DVD.  Comparing the set list between the CD’s and the DVD, here is what each media has exclusively when compared to the other: 


The CDs exclusively has: Are You In; a great cover of The Doors’ Riders On The Storm; Aqueous Transmission; Privilege; The Warmth; Stellar; Make Yourself; Drive; Crowded Elevator; Sick Sad Little World; Love Hurts; Switchblade; Pardon Me; and, The Original 


Three randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites from the CDs are, Riders On The Storm, In The Company Of Wolves and Love Hurts 


The DVD exclusively has: Consequence; Rogues; Isadore; Glass; Blood On The Ground; and Nowhere Fast 


Three randomly chosen Boomerocity favorites from the DVD are, In The Company Of Wolves, Nice To Know You and Megalomaniac. 


Incubus fans, you’re definitely going to want one of these offerings.  Based on what I’ve been enjoying of the Special Edition package I received, I would say that you can’t go wrong with that one so go for it because it’s well worth the money!




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