About Boomerocity


Welcome to Boomerocity.com!

Boomerocity was created with the cultural interests of the baby boomer generation in mind. Whether it’s icons from our youth or new and exciting artists and entertainment, if it’s of interest to baby boomers, Boomerocity will feature it.

The intent of Boomerocity is to be a positive experience both for the people interviewed as well as for the reader.  We do not “ambush” those interviewed nor do we try to uncover dirty laundry or skeletons in their closets.  If they choose to share such information, that is their prerogative.  Otherwise, we chose to focus on the good things in their lives.

The same goes for anything reviewed on Boomerocity. The intent of the reviews is to be positive yet informative. If something isn’t a positive experience for the reviewer, we just won’t review it. There are enough negative reviews on other sites so Boomerocity will remain positive.

We look forward to your frequent visits here. Please tell your friends or anyone else that you feel will enjoy our site.  The more the merrier!