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Posted August 2020

greg.headshot.2020As Boomerocity readers and followers already know, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been a friend of ours for over ten years when we first interviewed their then CEO, Terry Stewart. In the years proceeding that interview, Terry would provide comments on any inductees we interviewed during his tenure at the Rock Hall.

Upon Stewart’s retirement, he was followed by the hall’s current CEO, Greg Harris. Greg has been equally as gracious and supportive of Boomerocity with his contributive comments about the inductees we’ve interviewed. Since he began his leadership at the Rock Hall, I’ve threatened to interview him about what is taking place under his leadership. With the pandemic affecting business globally – and, yes, even the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Greg and I thought it was high time for us to have that long overdue chat.

The video to the right is the illustrated audio of that chat. We welcome you to give it a listen and please let your friends know about it. Also, please visit to check out its online offerings that Greg discusses during our chat as well as to help you plan your visit there.