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Posted August 2020


joebouchard 004Blue Oyster Cult.

Sure, you’ve heard of them and if you haven’t, you’ve heard somebody say the phrase, “More cowbell!”.

Two of the founding (and former) members of Blue Oyster Cult are Joe and Albert Bouchard. When they were still part of the original line up of the band, they sold millions of albums with such classic rockers as “Don’t Fear the Reaper” as well as their #1 hit that was on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, “Burning For You”. Both contributing to the songwriting, and lead vocals on some of their greatest songs, such as Albert’s vocals on “Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll”, and Joe’s on “Hot Rails To Hell”.

It was Albert’s work with the now-famous cowbell in “Don’t Fear Watch Our Interview With Joe Above! The Reaper” that fueled the oft-quoted Saturday Night skit about “more cowbell” that starred Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken. You can see that skit on this page and add to the “zillions” of views that this video continues to rack up, thus ensuring Joe and Albert’s place in pop culture is firm and permanent.

Boomerocity caught up with Joe Bouchard by phone at his home in Connecticut recently to chat about latest solo album, “Strange Legends” that was released last month. For the last two years, Joe has worked tirelessly on his 6th and best solo album. For the production of this album, he enlisted the help of Micky Curry, a drumming powerhouse, who has played with Hall and Oates, Alice Cooper, and more. He is currently the drummer for Bryan Adams, playing on all of his big hits. He has over 40 gold records in his archives. Several of the songs were written by Joe Bouchard and lyricist/sci-fi writer John Shirley. John Shirley is a long-time lyricist for Blue Öyster Cult and has written dozens of sci-fi novels. He was the co-screenwriter for ‘The Crow,’ starring Brandon Lee. Other songs on the album were written by the late John Elwood Cook, a very prolific songwriter, who wrote many songs on Joe’s earlier solo albums. Joe’s album also includes a cover of Ray Davies and the Kinks’ “All Day and All of the Night.”


Joe says, “I really got to explore the production and mixing of this album like nothing I’ve ever done before. The guitar sounds are especially well produced. I play all the bass on this album, one thing that many of the Blue Öyster Cult fans miss on other projects, and wanted to hear more of. The vocals and guitars fit so well with Micky’s drums. It’s the best I’ve ever done.”

On the audio window to the right, you can listen to my chat with Joe about “Strange Legends”, the pandemic, and, yes, more cowbell. It’s a fun chat so please give it a listen. Afterward, tell your friends about it. Share the link to it. Also, visit Joe’s store, here, and pick up a copy of “Strange Legends”!

Strange Legends Cover