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Posted August 2020

Cook Clifford 02When Creedence Clearwater Revival’s album, Cosmo’s Factory, first came out, I wasn’t quite eleven years old and the only music The Stu Cook Interview I’d listen to was anything by Elvis Presley and The Archie’s “Sugar Sugar” that I got off of the back of a cereal box. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I was exposed to CCR and Cosmo’s Factory. One of my friends (“Bernie”) in the Phoenix neighborhood that I lived in played the guitar and was in a band. The band focused on CCR’s music and were wearing the grooves of their copy of Cosmo’s Factory and that’s when I started noticing the band.

As always, I’m late for the party.

Like a large majority of baby boomers, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s catalog of music makes up a huge portion of the soundtrack of my youth with several songs from Cosmo’s Factory being a part of it. Songs like, Travelin’ Band, Lookin’ Out My Back Door, Run Through The Jungle, Up Around The Bend, Who’ll Stop the Rain, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, and Long as I Can See the Light. To this day, when any of those songs come on the radio, the volume gets turned up a notch or two.

With all of this as a mental and emotional backdrop, the 50th anniversary Cosmo’s Factory snuck up on me and when it did, I The Cosmo Clifford Interviewreached out to Stu Cook (bassist and co-founder of CCR) and Doug “Cosmo” Clifford (drummer and co-founder of CCR). Over the years, Boomerocity has interviewed Stu twice (here and here) and Cosmo once (here) so, naturally, I reached out to them again to share their thoughts and memories about the album.

Stu joined my Zoom call from his home in Honduras and Cosmo from his California home (separate calls). As always, the guys were kind, gracious, and generous with their time and thoughts. The two videos you see on this page are from those Zoom calls. For the most part, they’re unedited so that you can feel that you are part of that call. The atmosphere during both calls was laid back and the conversation free flowing.

So, sit down with your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and spin up both of these fun and insightful chats.

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