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Posted September 2020

CyrilNiccolai2020Long time Boomerocity followers may remember an interview I conducted eleven years ago with a handsome young man from France, Cyril Nicolai (here). He is the founder and front man for the band, The Fairchilds. We became fast friends from that interview but I’m also a genuine, sincere fan of his work. He’s an amazing songwriter, singer, musician, and even actor. When he’s not writing, singing, recording, or producing music, he can be found on the world’s theatric stages acting in theatric productions. Cyril is a man with a huge heart that matches his amazing talent and creativity.

While Cyril comes from a generation more than twenty years our junior, his experience and maturity is well beyond his youthful years. This is reflected abundantly in his depth and quality of work. The icing on the musical cake is when translates his musical vision to video. We’re featuring his latest music video on left side of this page. We encourage you to look his other videos under “The Fairchilds” as well as under his own name. Each and every one of his videos reflect a depth of talent and insight that few master let along constantly deliver on.

Back to our latest interview with Cyril.

Cyril and I recently connected via a Zoom call (he was calling from his home in the South of France) to talk about his latest album, ‘Let It Out’. A highly personal album, this release reveals his heart through a break-up as well as a song he wrote, ‘Hallelujah’, that he sang to his grandmother before her passing. That song was sung at her memorial service.

After watching our interview with Cyril, we encourage you to visit his website,, and order ‘Let It Out’ as well as his other music and merchandise – including a limited-edition print of the album cover.