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Posted October 2020


Ricky publicity shot 01Photo by Frankie ByrdIf you’re a baby boomer at all, changes are better than even that you’re more than well aware of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan’s co-guitarist until 1991, Ricky Byrd, has enjoyed working with (and sharing the stage with a ton of rock notables as Roger Daltrey, Ian Hunter, Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper, Joe Walsh, Ringo Starr, Dion, Jimmy Page, and scores of others.

Additionally, Ricky has put out four solo albums: Sobering Times (2020), Clean Getaway (2017), Lifer (2013), and Tough Room This World (2001). While he included a song or two regarding recovery on his first three albums, Sobering Times is the first album of Ricky’s that is one hundred percent focused on the recovery theme.

I genuinely hope you take the time to listen to/watch this interview. It’s funny. It’s informative. It’s laid back. It’s thought provoking. Most of all, if you or someone you know is in recovery or know you need to go into recovery, it is encouraging and uplifting.

After you’ve watched/listened to the interview, please, please, PLEASE click on and order Sobering Times if not all four of Ricky’s albums. At this writing, he’s signing ‘Sobering Times” if you order right away.


RickyByrdSoberingTimesCover 1 reduced Clean Getaway Lifer Tough Room . . . In This World

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