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Posted October 2020

ExileBandAny baby boomer who listened to the radio for even just a little bit in the seventies has, undoubtedly, heard the song, “Kiss You All Over” by the band, Exile, from the state of Kentucky. If you heard it once, you heard it a thousand times.

It may come as a complete surprise to you (as it did to Boomerocity) that this year marks the 42nd anniversary of when the song hit number one on the music charts and remained in that spot for four weeks. It was the number five song of 1978 and ranked as the ninth in the 50 Sexiest Songs by Billboard Magazine. Currently, the song has amassed over 15.7 million Spotify streams and is included in 75.2K playlists.

As 2020 has evolved and changed the landscape of fan interaction, the band has released a new Covid-19 mask with the well- recognized ‘Kiss You All Over’ lip logo to commemorate the anniversary and keep fans safe. Fans can order the mask here.

“We’d love to "Kiss You All Over", but in the interest of keeping everyone safe, here’s our solution to keep us allsafe and COVID free!” shares the band members.

They added, "We're extremely pleased and thankful to be one of the lucky Artists that have had a "signature song" in our careers - one of those songs that just stays around through the years, from generation to generation."

“Kiss You All Over” has recently been included in the Soundtrack for the major motion picture, The Big Ugly, starring Vinnie Jones, Ron Perlman, Malcolm McDowell. It has also been included in thirty-two other productions including Happy Gilmore, Man On The Moon, Zookeeper, Wild Hogs, Employee Of The Month, Hello Ladies, American Swing and miniseries Mindhunter (Netflix), Pose (FX), Red Oaks (Amazon) and Imposters (Bravo).

2020 celebrates the 57th anniversary for the band, which formed in Richmond, Ky. Since their beginning in 1963 the band has had No. 1 hits on both the pop and country charts, achieving ten No. 1 hits on the country chart, three Gold albums and over 8 million records sold.

The Kentucky Music Hall of Fame members will continue to tour performing their greatest hits, fan-favorite on-the-road songs from over the years, and will announce new projects later in 2020. More information on Exile can be found at


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