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Posted November 2020

BobAward 300 6779 croppedIf you’ve been following Boomerocity for the past few years then you know that legendary rock and roll photographer, Bob Gruen, is a good friend of ours. We first interviewed Bob back in 2010 (here. The second interview is here and the third is here). It remains one of our more popular interviews on our site.

What we didn’t know until about a year or so later was that that none other than his dear friend, Yoko Ono, had posted that entire interview on her website. It’s still in the archives (here). That has been such a point of pride for us. Thank you, Yoko, for tipping your stylish hat to us here at Boomerocity.

Back to Bob.

Since that interview we have interviewed Bob two additional times. The interview video that you see on the right side of this page is our FOURTH interview. In it, we talk with him about his new book, Right Place, Right Time., that is basically his autobiography. It's much like an extended interview with Bob and is an excellent book to have for your personal library and will be a great gift for the music and photography lover on your gift list.

Anyway, Bob and I linked up via Zoom. He from his house in upstate New York, and I from the Smoky Mountains. As you will see, we just had a good, laid back chat. Please watch it. You’ll fall in love with Bob just like we did over ten years ago.

After you watch it, we encourage you to order his new book by clicking on its cover on this page. We also encourage you to check out his monthly submissions of his legendary photography in Bob Gruen’s Studio (here). While visiting there, we encourage you to order the prints you love directly from him (here). They are truly rock and roll treasures taken by rock’s royal photographer: Bob Gruen.

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