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Posted November 2020

Lilly Winwood 1Celebrity offspring often are viewed under a microscope and held to impossible standards. In the case of Lilly Winwood, she’s withstood the scrutiny and is beginning to be viewed as a superb artist in her own right . . . which undoubtedly has put a huge smile on her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee dad, Steve Winwood.

As the daughter of Steve Winwood, Lilly grew up playing and writing. By growing up in both the States and England, Winwood’s international music influences help inspire her unique sound that’s intertwined with her strong Nashville base. Coming into her own, Winwood’s making a name for herself as an Americana artist with a Brandi Carlile-esque sound. Winwood has set her debut album release Time Well Spent for early 2021.

Lilly Winwood recently released her new single, “Few More Records”, from her forthcoming album, “Time Well Spent”, Lilly agreed to sit for an interview with Boomerocity to talk about it. It’s a fun, easy going interview so please take the time to watch/listen to it and then share it with you friends!

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