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Posted December 2020

KellyHansen 001 cropped 002Photo by Rick WardMost Boomerocity followers have been to live concerts. Have you ever wondered what goes into putting on a live show? Who gets the band from town to town while on tour? How the stage gets set up and taken down? Who sets up all of the instruments? Who runs the sound? Who makes all of that happen?

It’s the road crew.

Long after we’ve gone home and gone to bed after enjoying an amazing concert, the “roadies” are still working hard, breaking down the stage and loading up the gear . . . just to do it all over again at the next stop of the tour.

Those men and women are the unsung heroes of the artists who provide us great, live entertainment. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full form, we all know that touring virtually stopped this year and into early next year, as it stands now. This means that the roadies don’t make a living and are doing everything they can to scrape together funds to pay their bills and to survive.

The roadies for the legendary group, Foreigner, are no different. Like a lot of folks right now, the crew and their families are suffering financial hardships with no end in sight. Lead singer, Kelly Hansen, and bassist, Jeff Pilson, are especially aware of the stellar work their roadies do and are leading an effort to invite Foreigner fans to join them in helping the roadies financially until the pandemic subsides.

The band is raising money for the crew and their families by selling some cool limited-edition vintage and current Foreigner merch items, along with various items donated by some of the band’s sponsors and vendors, via the Foreigner website. They are also accepting donations on the site.

Boomerocity reached Kelly at his home in Southern California to discuss his and Jeff’s efforts as well as what Foreigner’s outlook is, tour and music wise, for next year. The video to the right is a slide show set to the audio file from our chat with Hansen. It was a fun chat about a serious matter. Please give it a close listen. Afterward, please consider helping Kelly and Jeff help the roadies by clicking on the Foreigner band photo, below. You will be taken to their website where you can purchase merchandise to help the roadies or make a direct donation to help them.

On behalf of Kelly Hansen, Jeff Pilson, and Foreigner, Boomerocity thanks you in advance for your kindhearted generosity!