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Posted January 2021

NLA Main 001Photo Courtesy of Nancy Lee AndrewsI am so thrilled to be able to finally get this interview out for y’all to watch/ listen to. I introduced myself to Nancy Lee Andrews about a year ago after I purchased her amazing book, A Does of Rock ‘n’ Roll (which I HIGHLY recommend that you add to your personal library).

In that book, you’ll see some of the incredible, candid photos she took of some of the biggest names in music. In addition to the obvious people (Carl Radle and Ringo Starr), she snapped George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Band, Keith Moon, Carl Perkins, Bernie Taupin, Gregg and Duane Allman, Leon Russell, Donovan, Hoyt Axton, Harry Nilsson, Dolly Parton, Carly Simon, and many more.

Oh! And she also shot some album covers. Most notably, Ringo the 4th and Bad Boy for Ringo Starr. 6874ACD5 8957 4408 ACE8 5DB204C67E25Photo Courtesy of Nancy Lee Andrews

Back to the interview.

Consequently, I floated the idea to her of interviewing her for Boomerocity. We chatted by phone some. Met up for dinner a couple of times. We had a first pass at interviewing but we wound up chatting about everything else but what this interview is about. We eventually had two Zoom chats that stayed on the related topics. Those topics are:

C3CFEFA4 31BC 4FE1 9B97 5C4F72FEE23CPhoto Courtesy of Nancy Lee AndrewsHer discovery by Arthur Godfrey and his introduction to Eileen Ford of the Eileen Ford International Model

Her romance with Derek and the Dominos Bassist, Carl Radle

Her years with Ringo Starr

Her acting career

Her career as a renowned and much sought-after photographer

Her work as a popular speaker/guest at Beatles related gatherings around the world


After listening to this two-part interview, you will – as countless others have – love her for the person that she is: warm, friendly, gracious, approachable, and accommodating. She’s a wealth of information and insight into the people and the events of our youth and young adulthood and is an absolute blast to know and chat with.



 Part One

 Part Two