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Posted February 2021

John Schneider 001As Boomerocity followers already know, we first interviewed “Dukes of Hazzard” star, John Schneider, in December 2019 (here). Several things were quite obvious during that chat:

  • John’s a multi-talented entertainer
  • John’s a fighter
  • John never rests on his laurels
  • John’s happily married and his wife is his true partner

We chatted about Schneider’s career, his new movie at the time, and some of his life-changing experiences – both before and after achieving the pinnacle of success.

After my first interview with John, he invited me to join him, his wife, and his good friend, Cody McCarver (formerly of Confederate Railroad), at a pop-up concert at a venue on Broadway in Nashville that he was putting that same evening. The place was packed, the fans were enjoying themselves, and the music and atmosphere was great. A great time was had by all.

As we all know, the pandemic hit the world shortly after that. And while the world seemed to grind to a halt, John kept pushing forward with such things as coming out with a line of well-received CBD oil, started and completed a new movie, and recording the soundtrack to that movie.

When news of the movie and soundtrack broke, I reached out to John to chat about them as well as other things going on in his life. As you’ll see in the video of that chat, John is his usual easy-going, funny self. I invite you to watch it all. After watching it, please go to his website,, to order his latest movie, “Stand On It” and its soundtrack, “Truck On”, or any of his other work. You can also rent “Stand On It” by clicking here. You can also check out his line of CBD oil at You can follow John on social media at:

Facebook: @johnschneiderstudios
Twitter: @John_Schneider
Instagram: @thejohnschneider

Enjoy the interview and please share it with your friend!

The Boomerocity Interview With John Schneider