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Posted March 2021


Firefall Group PicFirefall. The name of the band conjures memories of, among other great bands, Firefall and some of their hits like “You Are the Woman”, “Just Remember I Love”, “Strange Way”, and others.

Yes, the seventies had the best music!

For a band like Firefall to have the staying power that they do that has spanned more than forty years and toClick Below To Order Your CopyCOMET Album Cover picture show no signs of slowing down or disappearing, that speaks volumes.

Positive. Uplifting. Firefall’s work has earned them two Platinum records, three Gold records, as well as eleven singles that were chart-topping. Get this: Firefall’s huge hit, “You Are the Woman” has been played an eye-popping SEVEN MILLION times (and counting) as well as finding its place in TV programs and in movies.

Firefall is still touring and still recording. In fact, they have a new album titled, ‘Comet’, and it’s chock-full of songs with the band’s signature sound that we all know and love.

The bassist for the band Mark Andes. After a year of e-mails, we were finally able to connect for an interview and what a fun interview it was! We chatted in depth about the effects of the pandemic, the new album, and other fun topics. Please watch the interview, below, and please feel free to share it with your friends who are Firefall fans!

You can also keep up with the latest with Firefall by going to their website,

The Mark Andes Interview