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Published April 2021


joe2Baby boomers know about the Oak Ridge Boys if for no other reason than their huge 1981 hit, Elvira. I’ll bet you that just the mention of that song has the chorus running through your mind, huh?

Well, the group has been around a lot longer than that, starting in the 1940’s and still recording and performing today with the same line-up since 1973 which is about the time that Joe Bonsall joined the group. He’s been with the Oaks ever since.

The Boys have put out countless albums. Their latest is called “Front Porch Sing’” and is an album full of good ol’ home singing with a sound that only the Oak Ridge Boys can deliver.

It was a privilege to chat with Joe about the new album as well as his writing, “Elvira”, and even his “special ops donkeys”.

Yes, seriously.

The chat was a blast so I strongly encourage you to listen to it. After listening to it, order your owncopy of “Front Porch Singin’” and share the link of this interview with your friends and fellow Oak Ridge Boys fans. The interview is at the bottom of this page.

Click Below To Order Your CopyfrontporchsingincoverYou can keep up with the Oaks at There you can order their latest recordings and see if they're going to be performing near you. Joe’s personal web address is You can order his books and other solo projects there.


Our Interview With Joe Bonsall