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Posted June 2021

bob berryhill 001Hahahahahahaha! Wipeout!

If any one of you were a contestant on Name That Tune and heard the first couple of seconds of the iconic tune, safaris001Wipe Out, by the Surfaris, you would most likely know immediately what the song is.

Think about that: A song that was recorded by four California teenagers recorded a song in 1963 – almost SIXTY YEARS AGO – is so indelibly burned into the minds of Americans over the age of, say, 50 or so, that is commands such attention. It’s a song that immediately puts a smile on your face. At least, it does mine.

I also must resist playing the drum beat on my now-ample tummy like I did as a kid.

Don’t judge me.

Those four teenagers made up the Surfaris and originally consisted of Jim Fuller (15) on lead guitar, Ron Wilson (17) on those memorable drums, Pat Connolly (15) on bass, and Bob Berryhill (15) on rhythm guitar. Bob is the only original Surfari bandmember performing the band’s hits today.

While listening to music one recent lazy weekend day, I heard “Wipeout”. After the smile hit my face (and I resistedsafaris001 playing the famous drum riff on my stomach), I tracked down Bob Berryhill to request an interview. He graciously agreed and within a couple of days, we had the chat that you can watch on this page.

After watching it, I know that you’ll agree that Bob is a warm, positive, engaging man with many fascinating stories to share. Please take the time to watch and learn from this fascinating bit of americana. It was an honor and thrill for me to chat with Bob and I know you’ll enjoy what all he has to say.

After watching the interview, please visit and sign up on their mailing list, purchase some of their music, and see where and when they’ll be playing a gig near you.


The Boomerocity Interview With Bob Berryhill of the Surfaris