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Posted July 2021

Angie 002 1017x1536If you followed Boomerocity for very long at all, you already know that I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Angela Bowie back in November of 2019 (here) before everything in this crazy world got crazier with the pandemic and such.

Since that time, we have stayed in contact, and I've kept up with what all she's got going on. As she mentioned in that first interview I did with her, she was going to be re-recording the audio version of her first book, “Backstage Passes: Life on the WildBackstage.Passes.6x9.Cover .001 Side with David Bowie”, which is a fascinating and intriguing book. If you want to read about the early days of her and David Bowie, that's the book you want to listen to, or read, depending on what your preferences are.

She has re-recorded the audio version of “Backstage Passes”, and we decided it would be a good time to conduct another interview – that and the fact that there is also other stuff she's got going on. She talks quite a bit about it this interview so please give this audio and video a good listen/watch to learn what all Angie's got going on. She's got a lot on the ball. She never sits still.

I think you'll find this video quite intriguing so please give it a close watch/listen. Share it with your friends and please check out her website,, and order autographed copies of her books.

The Boomerocity Interview with Angie Bowie