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Posted August 2021

DonnaLoren001 CroppedTen years ago, I interviewed Donna Loren (here). We all love her as the star of beach movies as well as appearances on TV (my favorites were her stints on Batman and The Monkees) and on record. She was even the “Dr. Pepper” girl.

We covered all those points in that first interview. When it dawned on me that it had been ten years since I 56bb704cb6cb0a0ab4246ad1fffa8b9979b8dab45168f56be4d5ddf3527f2684Click Above To Go To Donna Loren's Podcasttalked to Donna, I thought it was high time for me to catch up with her and see just what all she’s been up to.

I was not at all surprised to see that she has stayed current with trends by way of her new podcast, Love’s A Secret Weapon, based on the completed manuscript of her book by the same name and includes conversations with her friend, Dr. Adam Gerace, PhD. I’ve listened to some of the episodes. Each episode is straight from Donna’s heart, sharing her life-lessons and experiences in the hopes to not only entertain but to help others.

Click on the cover to the right to access one of the locations where Donna’s podcast can be heard or listen to it one of the many other platforms carrying it. It will be well worth your time to listen to .

Also, visit to keep up with the latest with her as well as peruse some of her product offerings.

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The Boomerocity Interview With Donna Loren