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Posted September 2021

Lee LoughnaneBoomerocity followers already know that, over the years, I have interviewed three people from the band, Chicago. They are Robert Lamm, Jimmy Pankow, and Keith Howland. I’m so stoked to have interviewed a fourth person from Chicago. This time I get to talk with another founding member of the band (Robert was one and Jimmy was another). He is none other than Chicago’s phenomenal trumpeter, Lee Loughnane (pronounced “lock nane”). He's as energetic on stage as you see Jimmy, Keith, or Robert.

With Chicago hitting the road again, and probably coming to a town - if not right where you live, at least easy driving distance - I thought it would be a good idea to talk to one of the guys again and Lee was kind enough to chat with me. We talked about the band as well as a little bit about the documentary that you can see on one of the streaming channels (perhaps here).

Keep up with Chicago at their website (here) as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you're personal Chicago listening library needs to be update, click here to order anything you're missing.

The Boomerocity Interview With Chicago’s Lee Loughnane