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Posted September 2021


Vault Works ComboPhotos by Tim Bret-Day Courtesy of Vault WorksAs frequent readers and viewers of Boomerocity know all too well, the interviews here are typically with icons and influencers of interest to baby boomers and baby boomer wannabes. This interview is a little bit different because I am interviewing Dipesh Sinha from Vault Works. Vault Works has a unique business model in which they work with the estates of photographers, or even live photographers, who have a treasure trove of unpublished photographs.

Let's say that they've had 100 photographs from a particular shoot, and only one or two of them became the money, the “money picture” that was used for publication. Vault Works focuses on all those other pictures that weren't selected. Being the business geek that I am, this just fascinated the heck out of me, especially when I saw the pictures that they deal with. A couple are shown on this page. It's a fascinating thing.

This interview is here in the hopes that, if any of you or someone you know has an archive that you feel hasn’t yet been appreciated and can still be valued, then you can contact Vault Works at their website, Watch. Enjoy. Share.

The Boomerocity Interview With Vault Works' Dipesh Sinha