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Posted October 2021


Heimall Bob by Edward Lea of Atlantic City PressPhoto by Edward Lea of Atlantic City PressWhat do these albums all have in common?

The Doors’ 13                             Carly Simon’s No Secrets
Barry Manilow Live                   John & Yoko’s Milk & Honey
The Stooges’ Debut LP              Jim Croce’s I’ve Got A Name
Bread’s Manna                           Harry Chapin’s Heads & Tales
The Kinks’ Sleepwalker            Patti Smith’s Horses
Ted Nugent’s State of Shock     Kool and the Gang’s Celebrate!

Those albums and many, many others were all designed and created by Bob Heimall and he has written an amazing book called, “Cover Stories: Tales of Rock Legends CoverStoriesCoverand The Albums That Made Them Famous”. It's a story behind the aforementioned iconic album covers that we know that we grew up with and many more.

That’s the glitzy stuff.

In it, Bob also shares his tough stories of tough personal times and where that ultimately led him. The results were life-changing and instructive to anyone who needs encouragement while going through tough times.

In the interview, below, we talk about all of that and more. Please watch this interview. Then, buy a couple (or more) copies for yourself and the music lovers on your gift list. You can do so - AND have it autographed with your order - by e-mailing Bob directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tell them that you heard about him here.

The Boomerocity With Bob Heimall