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Posted October 2021


                               Click Above To Order Your CopyThe interview on this page is the second Boomerocity interview with legendary drummer, Carmine Appice. If you’re relatively new to enjoying Boomerocity, then you can find our first interview with Carmine (here).

He, of course, is co-founder and drummer for Vanilla Fudge, the band, Cactus, and has played – and plays – with a whole bunch of other bands big name artists. He's written and co-written some legendary songs such as Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and Hot Legs with Rod Stewart.

It’s hard to scroll across your regular or satellite radio, across all the classic rock stations, and listen for just a short time and not come across a song that Carmine has been involved with. He is also one of the most prolific creators of music. That's why I got to talk to him again.

This time, it’s about the Appice - Perdomo Project. Appice is, of course, Carmine. He’s produced this project with his new friend, Fernando Perdomo, a Cuban guitarist who is just amazing. You're going to find that out really quick when you start listening to their collaboration, which I encourage you to just go ahead and order now. You can do so by clicking on the album cover on this page. You will be taken to Carmine’s website where you can order directly from him.

Back to the interview.

The first interview was conducted by phone, so you’ll only hear the conversation. This time, you're going to get to watch us chat. He was at his home in Florida where he has his own studio and where he partly recorded this album.

I really think that you're going love this interview (located below). He's definitely a national treasure when it comes to rock and roll music. It's always an honor to talk to Carmine and this time is certainly no exception.

Watch. Enjoy. Share. And follow the latest with Carmine at

The Boomerocity Interview With Carmine Appice

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