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Posted November 2021

MariaMuldaur006 reducedWhen I was a teenager - I think is around thirteen or fourteen years old - there was this huge hit on radio called, “Midnight at the Oasis”. It was recorded by a lovely lady by the name of Maria Muldaur. She had been making music well before that hit and she's been making music ever since then. She's got 40 or so albums to her credit. In fact, back in May of this year, she released her latest album called, “Let's Get Happy Together”.

Right after the release of that album, she was vaccinated against COVID as over half the country has been. After leaving from her second vaccination - well, the story is on the interview below on this page. I will tell you this: she recorded a song, and it's called, “I'm Vaccinated And I'm Ready For Love”.

It was about this song and the album that Maria and I got on the phone together. Additionally, we talked about her views of the music business. She has some great insight as to what should probably change in this business.

Maria Muldaur is a musical treasure who holds a special place in the soundtrack of our youth and is contributing relevant music for us today.

I encourage you to listen to this interview. Afterward, please consider ordering “Let’s Get Happy Together” by clicking on the album cover on this page. Below the interview, you can read the press release for “I'm Vaccinated And I'm Ready For Love” for additional information about it.

You can also visit Maria’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


The Boomerocity Interview With Maria Muldaur

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Press Release

Six-Time Grammy Nominee Maria Muldaur Declares “I’m Vaccinated & I’m Ready for Love!” on New Single Released - October 8th - on Stony Plain Records

HAMILTON, ONTARIO – Six-time Grammy nominee Maria Muldaur, who’s been dubbed “The First Lady of Roots Music” for previous albums touching on her wide-ranging influences from blues, country, folk, jazz and jug band music, releases her new positive-themed single, ‘I’m Vaccinated & I’m Ready for Love!,” on Stony Plain Records to radio and all digital platforms today, October 8th.

“As I drove away from receiving my second vaccination shot, I was immediately overwhelmed with an immense feeling of Liberation, Exhilaration, Lightness and Joy,” Maria recalls as the inspiration for her new song. “It was a beautiful Spring day, so I rolled back my sunroof to enjoy the ride, and before I knew it I spontaneously started singing 🎶’Vaccinated and I'm ready for love🎶’ at the top of my lungs all the way home! I sort of chuckled to myself and forgot about it, but the next day the refrain returned and I found myself singing it throughout the day! I realized this was a pretty catchy refrain that wouldn't go away, so I called my guitar player Craig Caffal and told him, ‘I've got the title and I've got the hook - help me write the song!’ “He did and we recorded it, and made a video to go with it. It is my hope that it will be a useful message in convincing vaccination reluctant folks of yet another good reason to get vaccinated. If all the other good and common sense reasons of protecting loved ones, children, the elderly, etc., didn't do it, perhaps the thought of being liberated to safely resume/pursue a happy active love life will be the motivation that does the trick!”

Maria Muldaur’s current album, Let’s Get Happy Together, was released in May and is an excursion into the vintage jazz and blues sounds of the 1920s/’30s, which features her collaborating with acclaimed New Orleans street band Tuba Skinny.