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Posted December 2021


jimboguitarcroppedJim Peterik is not a stranger to music aficionados or to Boomerocity readers/followers over the years. I won’t repeat his incredible resume in this piece because you can read all about in the previous two Boomerocity interviews with Peterik here and here.

This long overdue chat came about to learn more about Jim’s latest project, Tigress – Women Who Rock The World. Read about it in the press release shown underneath the interview video below.

In this interview (below), Jim and I have a blast talking about – and laughing about - a myriad of things. However, we mostly we chatted about Tigress, which, by the way, is a great album! It is an album by women artists, singers, and musicians. The guitar work on this thing is just incredible. You’ve go to listen to it just for that guitar work if nothing else but all the songs are great. The vocals are great. The musicianship is phenomenal as well. You’ll definitely want to order your copy and can do so by clicking on the album cover on this page.

Watch the interview. I hope you enjoy it. Please share it with anyone you think might enjoy the chat!
Also, you can keep up with Jim at his website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


The Boomerocity Interview With Jim Peterik

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