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Posted December 2021


johnlodgeThink about this for a minute. How old were you - and what song was it, and where were you - when you heard your first Moody Blues song?

For me, I was in my pre-teens or had just entered my teens. My mom had given me one of the shoebox-size clock radios that all it had was AM on there and a little knob on there to serve as a timer so that you can have the radio on to go to sleep to and it was shut off. I used that to help me go to sleep at night because I had a hard time sleeping even at that young age. The music put me to sleep.

I remember lying in bed in Phoenix, Arizona, and one of the local AM radio stations is on that radio. Suddenly, this song - this very ghostly song came on. Honestly, it kind of spooked me a little bit because I'm a kid lying in bed trying to sleep, and this song comes on. It was Knights in White Satin. Every time I heard it, I would stop and listen - especially the poetry at the end.

That was when my first exposure to the Moody Blues that I remember. I'm sure I've heard other Moody Blues songs before then. But that was the song that made me aware of the Moody Blues and I kept track of them ever since.

So, when the opportunity came recently to talk with John Lodge, the bassist for the Moody Blues, of course, I jumped at it. We talked about the new album, The Royal Affair and After, a new live album out where he's presenting the Moody Blues music; some of the hits that we royalaffairandaftercoverClick Above To Order Your Copyall know and love. We had a good talk about that. We also talked about his friend who just recently passed: fellow bandmate, Graeme Edge; the pandemic, and the music business too.

Unfortunately, this interview is just partially video (my end of the conversation) and audio-only because John had some internet issues on his end of the chat, so he could only click in through onto the Zoom call audio.

Still, it’s a great chat that fans and music historians will enjoy listening to. So, please click on the video, below, and listen to this fun chat. Afterwards, share it with our friends and then click on the album cover on this page to order your own copy of The Royal Affair and After.

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The Boomerocity Interview With John Lodge


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