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Posted December 2021


gangstagrass 001Whenever I talk to many of you, and I'm sure if I haven't talked to you, if I were to ask you this question, which would be, “What's your favorite kind of music?” More times than not what I hear is, “Anything but rap.” And quite honestly, folks, I would answer the same way.

Until now.

I was recently turned on to a group who has taken hip hop and blended it in with bluegrass. I know what you're thinking because I thought the same thing.

“No way! That's just going to suck!”

It doesn't. Trust me on this.

It. Does. NOT. Suck.

This band, Gangstagrass has blown me away. Through their publicist who handles Colin Blunstone (of the Zombies) and others – it was she who turned me on to this group. When she sent me the link and asked me to give it a listen, I thought, “No way.” But before the song was over, I was going to their website and listening to other work. It's great!

If you're open-minded at all, you're gonna love this because it takes the best of hip hop and rap and blends it in with the best of bluegrass and the result is a phenomenal outcome.

So, I beg you to listen to this interview. It was so much fun to talk to R-SON and Rench, both of the group, Gangstagrass. We had a great chat about what they're doing. I believe in what they're doing. I'm a big fan now!

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The Boomerocity Interview

With R-Son and Rench of Gangstagrass

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