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Posted December 2021

arthurhanlon001I know when you check out Boomerocity, you usually expect to see a conversation with someone from classic rock, blues, country, even jazz and R&B. Once in a great while, you'll see that I will talk to somebody from the world music or from other genres of music.

In this case, you're going to hear someone from the Latino music world. He’s a phenomenally successful artist by the name of Arthur Hanlon. Arthur currently has a special on HBOMax that you can watch on-demand. And folks, let me tell you, that show is phenomenal. He and I talked about that show as well as his brand-new Christmas EP that he just put out.

We had a lot of fun during this interview. It's my first time talking with Arthur. He's a phenomenal human being. He has an incredible heart and warm spirit. All those kinds of things that make talking to people fun and Arthur's is one of those special people that I look forward to talking to many more times in the coming years.

We talked about his career. He's from Detroit, of all places. You wouldn't expect to hear a Latino artist coming from Detroit. By the way, he's not Latino. He is Irish American and comes from an Irish American family. Yet here he is, rocking the Latin music charts, and boy, does he ever do a phenomenal job of it.

Trust me on this: If you feel that you’re not into Latin music or world music, please still watch my interview with Arthur Hanlon, below. I promise you that you’ll come away from it loving Arthur and become interested in his work. Please share it with your friends. Watch his special on HBOMax. Follow him at his website,, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

The Boomerocity Interview With Arthur Hanlon


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