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Posted December 2021

EXILE 11 11 21 Moments By Moser Photography 12 HRPhoto by Moments By Moser PhotographyIf you've been following Boomerocity for last couple years, you might remember that in October of last year – 2020 - I interviewed JP Pennington of Exile. When I was chatting with him back then, he touched on the fact that Exile had been working on a Christmas song and might be a Christmas album, things like that.

Well, this year it happened. They've released just this month, December of 2021, a great album called “Joyful Noise” and, boy, it is chock full of great new songs - new songs written by the guys Exile and with some help from some friends.

To chat about the new Christmas album, this time I got to chat with long-time band member, Sonny LeMaire, ExileJoyfulNoiseCoverClick Above To Order Your Copyand who predates their “Kiss You All Over” hit. We talked about what all went into the making of the Christmas album and the songwriting. We also talked about what they hope to do in 2022.

Exile is one of those great bands you always love hearing from, going to see, and listening to their music, in your car or at home, whatever the case may be. Additionally, Exile is one of my favorite bands. I know you'll enjoy this album, “Joyful Noise”, and this interview with Sonny, below. Tell your friends about it. I think it's a great album that you want to have for your Christmas collection as well as in your friends’ collection.

Keep up with Exile at their website, Exile.Biz, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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The Boomerocity Interview With Sonny LeMaire


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