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Posted January 2022

Brian Ray 001When I launched Boomerocity, I had a mental bucket list of some of the people I wanted to interview. Among them was Brian Ray, guitarist for Paul McCartney for the past twenty years.

Other than the obvious, one of the big reasons I wanted to interview Brian was because he also played with the late, great Etta James at the beginning of his career. The fact that he co-wrote the Smokey Robinson hit, “One Heartbeat” was also a big draw for me.

Ray has also worked and/or shared stages with (as well as collaborated with) some of the biggest names in music. Artists such as Peter Frampton, Keith Richards, Rita Coolidge, Bo Diddley, Johnny Hallyday, Santana, The Bangles’ Michael Steele, Bonnie Raitt, Joe Cocker, and many others. When he’s not working with others, Brian enjoys a successful solo career.

Brian is a phenomenal guy. Gracious, very kind, and he’s got a very sweet spirit of about him and is a lot of fun to talk to, to boot. He's done a lot of great interviews with a lot of great journalists, and I feel honored that he took the time to speak with me for just a little bit about his career, what he's been up to, that kind of thing.

I hope you enjoy watching the interview, below, as much as I did conducting it. After you watch it, please share it with your friends. You can follow Brian Ray on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Boomerocity Interview With Brian Ray


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