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Posted March 2022

Curtis Stigers 199 credit Ben Wolf reduedCurtis Stigers. He first hit the scene about 30 years ago and has had a string of hits and very successful albums. He also co-wrote the theme song for Sons of Anarchy, which I'm sure you guys have heard, if not watched all the episodes. He contributed a song to the soundtrack of The Bodyguard, which is, “What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding.”

By the way, the theme song for two Sons of Anarchy is also the title of Curtis's new album, “This Life.” Also, on Sons of Anarchy, he did a cover of the old blues classic, “John the Revelator.” He's a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, sax, piano, and all sorts of other instruments.

Curtis Stigers This Life ALBUM COVER 3k sRGB ReducedClick Above To Order Your CopyHe crosses all sorts of genres and that's why I love about this guy. He's just so dang versatile, and a lot of fun to talk to; very easygoing, very easy to talk to. I think when you watch this interview, you'll feel like you're sitting right there with us as we're chatting.

I hope you listen to it. I hope you share it with your friends, and I hope as soon as you listen to this and share it with your friends that you order his new album, Curtis Stigers’, “This Life.”

You can keep up with the going on with Curtis at his website,, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Look below the interview window to see if Curtis will be performing in a city near you!

The Boomerocity Interview With Curtis Stigers

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Curtis Stigers on Tour

April 22 Durango Cool Jazz - Durango, CO
April 23 Durango Cool Jazz - Durango, CO
April 24 The Record Exchange, Boise, ID
April 29 Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club - Portsmouth, NH
May 01 Ameris Theater - Atlanta, GA special guest to Van Morrison
May 04 Musical Instrument Museum - Phoenix, AZ
May 05 Dazzle - Denver, CO
May 18 Texas Jazz - San Antonio, TX
May 19 Parker’s Jazz - Austin, TX
May 21 The Dakota - Minneapolis, MN
Sept 10 TBA - Sun Valley Idaho
Sept 27 Jazz Alley - Seattle, WA
Sept 28 Jazz Alley - Seattle, WA

Ticket information can be found here.