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Posted April 2022

AndyTimmons 5U6A6133 croppedIf you’ve followed Boomerocity for very long at all or have recently perused the well over 300 interviews I've done, you'll see a couple of interviews that I did with Andy Timmons. The first time was back in 2010. Boomerocity had only been around less than a year and a half.

In April of that year, I was at the Dallas International Guitar Festival that's put on by Jimmy Wallace, a great guitar dealer in Dallas. He knows everybody and puts on a great guitar show there. It's kind of like a mini NAMM, if you're familiar with what NAMM is in Southern California.

A good buddy of mine had come down for the show from Northwest Arkansas. We were standing around at the guitar show talking, getting ready to leave. As we were talking, we heard this music coming from one of the many stages at the show. We just looked at each other. It was almost like we were floating off the ground, sailing towards this amazing song, this amazing music we were hearing.

It was Andy Timmons, and he was playing my all-time favorite song of his called, “Cry For You”. Look it up. It's on YouTube. Buy the album, buy it directly from Andy at

Back to my story.

After watching Andy perform at the Dallas International Guitar Festival, I became an immediate fan of his. Ironically, I found out that I lived near him. We would bump into each other occasionally at various area spots. When I started Boomerocity, I asked if I could interview him. The first interview happened (here). And then two or three, four years later, he came out with his Andy Timmons Band Plays Sergeant Pepper. Phenomenal album! I highly recommend adding it to your personal listening library because you'll love it. It's just a great interpretation of that great Beatles album.

AndyTimmons ElectricTruthCoverArtClick Above To Order Your Copy From AndyAndy and I've been friends ever since 2010. When I saw that he had a new album come out – Electric Truth - I realize that it has been way too long since he and I last spoke.

What you're about to watch here is a fun chat between friends. A lot of fun conversation going on. We talked about Electric Truth, Steve Vai, Brian Ray, and all sorts of other subjects. I think you’ll enjoy the chat.

If you're reading this before the album lands, pre order it! You can do so at or at your favorite online music distributor. Really. You must check out Andy’s work and buy it! Andy's a phenomenal guitar player. I put him up there with Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, Joe Bonamassa, Paul Gilbert, and other great guitarists. He is in that rarefied air of being one of the best guitarists you'll ever listen to. Not only that, but he is also one of the kindest and sweetest people you'll ever meet. He’s got a gentle spirit about him and is a great family man. I think you'll just come away becoming a big fan of his if you aren't already.

Please watch the interview below (there’s also the Electric Truth Press Release just below the video). Share it. Buy Electric Truth. You can keep up with the latest on Andy at his website,, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also sign up for his guitar instruct course at You can safely bet that Andy will take you to the next level of your guitar playing.

The Boomerocity Interview With Andy Timmons


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Dallas, TX --- Andy Timmons has presented the first reveal from his upcoming new studio album titled ELECTRIC TRUTH, planned for a global release on April 1. Preview the composition “EWF” on the right. Timmons offers, “This track epitomizes the record for me: A great band playing live in the studio - raw, funky, edgy…real. Very much inspired by the great guitarist Al McKay of Earth, Wind and Fire.”

Reflecting on his connection to the instrument, Timmons shares, “Music and specifically the electric guitar has always been my solace and my foundation: something that I can always count on in good times and especially in bad. Something I can trust. In a world of so much misinformation and deceit I find music and playing music more important now than ever before. Electric Truth.”

He continues, “When my friend (producer and guitarist extraordinaire) Josh Smith invited me to his studio to record, I jumped at the chance. I was looking to do a record outside of my usual band just to change things up a bit. I was a fan of Josh’s playing, and really loved the bands he puts together so we decided I would just come out to L.A. as the “artist,” and he would produce and put the studio band together. We co-wrote a few things, and I wrote a few ballads as well. I’d say overall the record has a funky/earthy feel to it with plenty of melody. And it certainly rocks as well.”

Joining Timmons in the studio were drummer Lemar Carter (Joss Stone, Raphael Saadiq), bassist Travis Carlton (Larry Carlton, Robben Ford), and keyboardist Deron Johnson (Miles Davis, Stanley Clarke, Seal). Corry Pertile laid down vocals on a couple of tracks, while Smith performed on “Johnnie T”.

No artist has been more prolific in the livestream space than Andy Timmons. Over the course of the last several years, he has staged hundreds of well attended events curating what has become an endless on-going symposium for players and fans across the globe. Timmons began his career with Danger Danger, enjoying significant success from the start. He toured the world, sold over a million albums, and had two #1 videos on MTV. He has released seven solo albums prior to his current offering Electric Truth, following a path that captured his creative vision any given moment as the years unfolded. He spent years as Olivia Newton-John’s musical director and guitarist, alongside contributing session work to releases by Kip Winger, Paula Abdul, Paul Stanley, Simon Phillips, alongside countless radio and television jingles. He has performed with many of personal heroes, including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Mike Stern, Ace Frehley, Ted Nugent, and Pierre Bensusan. Andy has been consistently voted a “Top 20 Favorite Guitarist” in most of Japan’s rock music magazine’s reader polls, as well as being voted “Musician of the Year” four years in a row at the Dallas Observer Music Awards. He has also become one of the most respected and sought after clinicians representing Ibanez Guitars, touring The World on their behalf.


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