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Posted June 2022

d6bf9300 4f6f 1ef2 fc24 cdffa55fe5ccBaby boomers the world over know who Vanilla Fudge is. For almost sixty years the band has etched itself into the musical psyche of Furthermore, baby boomers who have been regulars here at Boomerocity know that Vanilla Fudge co-founder, Carmine Appice, has been our guest here a couple of times (here and here).

Until now, Carmine has been the only Vanilla Fudge band member interviewed here. The opportunity to interview band co-founder/keyboardist, Mark Stein.

After recording as part of Vanilla Fudge and collaborating with others, Mark Stein has finally come out with his first solo album titled, “There’s A Light.” A music video for his song, “Pray For Peace,” was recently released and is is shown on this page.

Mark and I chatted about the song, the album, and some other things relative to his career. If you love the music of Vanilla Fudge and the music from back in the day, you’ll definitely want to watch this interview and share it with your friends.

You can keep up with Mark Stein on his website (here). You can keep up with Vanilla Fudge on their website (here) and on Facebook and Twitter.

The Boomerocity Interview With Mark Stein


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Mark Stein, the Voice of Vanilla Fudge, Releases Video and Single Asking Everyone to “Pray for Peace.” All Proceeds Go to UNICEF for Ukraine’s Refugees.

The formation of Vanilla Fudge with Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, and Vince Martell, allowed Mark Stein to first come into prominence. In addition to his many years within Vanilla Fudge, Stein has also worked extensively with such rock legends as Alice Cooper, Dave Mason, and the late guitarist Tommy Bolin. He has also made guest appearances with Deep Purple, Carl Palmer, and Steve Miller. He once sang and recorded with Michael Jackson. Stein has recently released a new collection of songs through Deko Entertainment about hope, unity, concern, and redemption titled There’s a Light.

Now Stein and Deko Entertainment are releasing a new single and video for “Let’s Pray for Peace” with all the proceeds going to benefit Ukrainian refugees through UNICEF. Stein had this to say, "I wrote ‘Let's Pray for Peace’ during the time the world was being ravaged by terrorist attacks…today, it's my dedication to Ukraine." Deko president, Bruce Pucciarello, continues, “This Ukrainian news footage is personal to me. Genocides become reality when we let bad people distract us from our commonality to justify aggression. This video is Mark’s love letter to us all, reminding us how the healing starts. Let’s pray for peace. Tonight.”

“Let’s Pray for Peace” audio can be downloaded directly from the Deko Entertainment website, and additional contributions can be made direct to UNICEF from this page.

Download song here.

There’s a Light, Mark’s first ever solo album is a thematic collection of ten songs which weave a remarkable story of what America was, has become, and may or may not face in its future. Critics are taking notice.

“Stein sounds as inspired as ever, and the message he shares is underscored by the clarity of both his passion and purpose.” American Songwriter,