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Posted June 2022

ruth mccartney 3e79504f 689b 40e9 a9f1 ac3c5a7dce8 resize 750Say the name, “McCartney,” and, no doubt, a certain member of The Beatles come to mind. Early in the life of the band, Sir Paul McCartney’s widower father, James, married Angela Williams. The new Mrs. McCartney had a daughter, Ruth Ann, whom Mr. McCartney legally adopted.

Ruth began helping her stepbrother and his bandmates with the huge volume of fan mail that was being sent to their address. She ultimately began categorizing the mail by name, address, what they were writing about, etc. Of course, this was back when the most high-tech thing that most families had was a radio, tv, or maybe even a typewriter. All this work ultimately her to the entertainment business and then, high tech where she heads several companies that involve big data, social media, NFTs, and other enterprises with her husband and her mother.

I learned of her work a few months ago when I stumbled onto a video of a big data talk, she was giving in Silicon Valley. I was fascinated by what she had to say and the depth of knowledge she had from which to speak it. After watching her presentation, I just had to interview her. The interview video below is the result of my request.

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The Boomerocity Interview With Ruth Ann McCartney