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Posted August 2022

Photo taken in Los Angeles  on 02/21/20.Photo by Alex SolcaLong-time visitors to Boomerocity know that we’re huge fans of blues legend, Walter Trout. Since 2012, he has sat for four interviews with us.

In that time, we’ve cheered him on as he released new albums, prayed for him as he battled health issues, and breathed sighs of relief as he came through those health battles victoriously.

At the bottom of this page, you can view our fifth interview with Walter. The interview took place as he dealt with travel challenges while on tour in Europe.

As always, Walter was fun to chat with, gracious, insightful, and informative. He is his typical open and candid self as we chatted. It’s one of the multitude of reasons why we love Walter Trout and always welcome him here to Boomerocity.

ridecoverClick Above To Order Your CopyThis time around, we talk at length about his new album, Ride. If you’re a Walter Trout fan, then you’ve probably already ordered it. If you haven’t, do.

If you’re one of the few who aren’t familiar with Walter and his music, Ride is an excellent album to begin the Walter Trout wing of your listening library.

Either way, if you haven’t already, order Ride by clicking on the album cover on this page (after watching our interview, of course!). Share the interview with others. Also, follow Walter at his website (here) as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Boomerocity Interview With Walter Trout