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Posted September 2022

Nick Binkley 01Odds are pretty good that, unless you live in the San Diego area (or have a knack for finding great music by talent who lives far away from you), you have never heard of Nick Binkley.

In some ways, Nick is like you and me: We work our day jobs to finance what our true passion is. The late Charlie Watts was able to pursue his passion for playing jazz because of his income from the Rolling Stones. Ronnie Wood can paint because of the same reason. I work a day job to publish Boomerocity.

And Nick Binkley? Well, he was an international banker, serving as Bank of America Corp’s vice-chairman and bank board director. He also partnered in Forrest, Binkley & Brown, the Newport Beach, California-based venture capital company. Additionally, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

But his passion is music and film making.

His story lies not just within his music but how it's created a path to his success - seeing he obviously has been a high achiever all his life. Nick Binkley is arguably another example of how music and business can not only coexist but even harmonize and complement each other.

To listen to Nick’s music, in my mind he sounds one part Woody (and Arlo) Guthrie, one part Dylan, and all parts Binkley. That’s on Nick’s musical side and is all captured on his latest album, Star Dust, Angels, Ghosts.

Closely related, Binkley was a key player in making the documentary, “Free To Rock.” The documentary chronicles how rock music led to the downfall of the Soviet Album4Click Above To OrderUnion and what rock music is like there, today. Fascinating. Informative. Riveting. Watch it (here).

My chat with Nick Binkley is also fascinating, informative, and riveting. We discuss his career, his new album, and Free To Rock. I hope that you watch – and listen to – the interview closely. Afterward, I hope that you will, a) share it with your friends and, b) order Nick’s latest album by clicking on the album cover on this page. You can also keep up with him at his website (here).


The Boomerocioty Interview With Nick Binkley