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Posted Octover 2022

MTB bandpic MichealPrice resizedThink back about 40 or so probably almost 50 years ago.

Think about the Allman Brothers.

Think about their album, “Brothers and Sisters”, probably one of the most iconic albums (and covers) of that time for that genre of music.

Think about that little boy on the cover. Well, that little boy was Vaylor Trucks, who is the son of the late great Butch Trucks, the drummer for the Allman Brothers Band who, sadly, we lost in January of 2017. The inside of the album cover features a large, panoramic photo of the entire Allman Brothers family and friends.

Vaylor has a sister by the name of Melody. She is the baby being held on the left side of that panoramic photo inside “Brothers and Sisters”. I recently got to talk to walkingingratitudecoverClick Above To Order Your CopyMelody, about all things music, about her album, “Walking in Gratitude”. We also talk about what she, Vaylor and others are doing to perpetuate and carry on the legacy, the sound, and the memory of the Allman Brothers. Additionally, we also discuss how the sound of the Allman Brothers is affecting her own music that she's creating as well as that of her brothers and cousins like Derek trucks, and many others that have been a part of or touched by the Allman Brothers Band.

It is a fascinating chat. Though a bit long, I think it is worth every second for you to listen to. When you get done listening to it, please check out Melody’s website and Facebook page. Buy her album because it is wonderful. You're absolutely going to love it. If you love the Allman Brothers Band, you can tell that their influences are there and worth every penny that you invest in purchasing it.

The Boomerocity Interview With Melody Trucks