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Posted November 2022

Chevl Photo 001I love the work of Michael Cheval. That’s been no secret ever since I posted my first interview with the Russian American artist last year (here). He's a wonderful artist, unique. You won't see very much like his work out there. But once you see it, if you love great art, you're going to love Michael Cheval’s work.

For that matter, if you watch my first interview with Michael – as well as my second interview with him, below, you are going to become an instant fan of – not only his work but of the man himself.

I have become a huge, huge, huge fan of his work. But, as I said a moment ago, I’m a fan of Michael as a human being. He has such a wonderful, loving, giving, gentle spirit. He also loves rock and roll and has ever since he was growing up in in the Soviet Union. He brings such a freshness to this world when you listen to him talk about – not only his love of art, but his love of family and love of rock and roll.

He has a new book out called, “Contemplation,” that he collaborated on. It's a wonderful book and I encourage you to click on the book cover on this page and order your copy. Right after we chatted, Michael released another book titled, “Truth and Tales.” You can order it, as well, by clicking on the cover on this page.

I encourage you to follow Michael Cheval on his website, here. You can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On any of those sites, you can check out where Michael does exhibitions all over the country, especially in Florida.

Watch. Enjoy. Share.

The Boomerocity Interview with Michael Cheval

Contemplatiion CoverClick Above To Order Your Copy

Interview on YouTube

Interview on Podcast

Truth and Tales CoverClick Above To Order Your Copy