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Posted February 2023


Hansen Kelly S. Schweiger copyPhoto by Kelly S. SchweigerBoomerocity has been an avid fan and supporter of the legendary band, Foreigner. Beginning in 2011, I have been privileged to see the band in concert several times with every show being absolutely amazing.

Little did I know that 12 years later Foreigner would be announcing their final tour this year. It's hard to believe because their music goes all the way back to my high school years. Their music has been such a huge part of the soundtrack of our youth that it's hard to grasp that they're going to actually quit touring.

But you know, we all get older, we all got to take care of ourselves and that's what Kelly Hansen of Foreigner and I talked about in our third conversation together (the previous chats are here and here). We talked about the decision behind this being their final tour, what to expect at those shows and maybe even a little bit of what Kelly is going to be doing when the tour ends.

In addition to the now three interviews with Kelly, Boomerocity has also interviewed band bassist Jeff Pilson (here) and band founder Mick Jones (here) so you can see why we hate to see the band call it quits. That said, we do want every one of them to live happy and healthy lives for the rest of their days.

You can follow the band on their website as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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