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Posted February 2023

Russell Gilbrook 001When was 13 (around 1973), I was hanging around with a guy who was a little bit older than me and a bit more into a lot of different music than I was. He introduced me to this very interesting band. The band was Uriah Heep, and the album was The Magician's Birthday. Whenever I was hanging with him, we would just listen to that album over and repeatedly.

Since then, I have kept up with the band. They’re a great band. Very sophisticated in their approach to music. Very intricate, highly skilled musicians and know how to put a song together. And though I'd never seen them in concert, I'm told that they really put on a tremendous show.

Uriah Heep has come out with a new album, Chaos & Colour, and I fell in love with the album and the band all over again. I had the opportunity to talk with the band's drummer Russell Gilbrook and we had a lovely chat. He was over in the UK and me here in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and we just had a wonderful visit. He shared the backstory about the album, their approach to the music, and what their plans are for the rest of this year, which you'll want to tune in and listen to.

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The Boomerocity Interview with Russell Gilbrook