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Posted March 2023

afton wolfe 001Americana has been taking the country by the storm for last several years. It's refreshing because it takes us back to the country rock roots or even the country roots of our country’s musical history. People are enjoying that sound and rediscovering some of the older work of the masters from way back when.

So, whenever a new artist comes out from that genre, I like to plug them. I like to make people aware of them so that they can become fans of those artists. Such is the case with Afton Wolfe came out with a great new album called “23”. You're going to love it, especially if you love artists like Tom Wait, because Afton sounds very similar to Tom Wait. You're going to love this type of work. If you love Americana then you're going to love Afton’s album, “23”.

We talked about the album and his approach to recording it. We also discussed what's coming up in the future, including tour and another new album.

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The Boomerocity Interview With Afton Wolfe