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Posted March 2023

Garnet GrimmWe're huge blues fans here and we interview blues artists every chance we get - whether they're classic, iconic blues artists, like John Mayall, or Walter Trout or Joe Bonamassa. One of those classics, I've had the privilege of interviewing twice (here and here). Sadly, we lost this person just two months ago, December of 2022. That was none other than Blues All Around CoverClick Above To Order Your CopyKim Simmonds of Savoy Brown. We lost them to his battle with cancer, but he went down, doing what he loved, and that was playing music and recording an album for us to enjoy after he was gone.

Simmonds didn't let the effects of chemo or anything else stop him from doing what he loved best, and we have the benefit of that in this new album called, “Blues All Around”. Of course, he's gone so I couldn't talk to him. But I did get to talk to his drummer for the last 13 - 14 years by the name of Garnet Grimm.

Garnet was so gracious with his time and talking about Kim on a personal level, as well as working on him on the last several albums, and especially this last one. It is a great, heartfelt chat and I know that if you're a Savoy Brown fan – and a Kim Simmonds fan, you're going to absolutely love this interview.

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The Boomerocity Interview With Garnet Grimm