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Posted April 2023

Mark Farner 001 2023This month marks the 14th anniversary of the start of Boomerocity. One of the ways I'd like to mark this anniversary is with an interview with a rock and roll icon.

If you're a baby boomer, obviously one of the big bands on the soundtrack of our youth is the band Grand Funk Railroad. Grand Funk was co-founded by Mark Farner. I first interviewed Mark back in 2011, almost exactly 12 years ago and I interviewed him again three years ago.

He's got a new project coming up, which has to do with he knew how to play some of the great Grand Funk Railroad songs and you're going to love the price of it. To find out the price, you’ve got to watch the interview.

For those of you who may not remember who Grand Funk is, they did songs like Locomotion, American Band, and I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home). Mark went on from Grand Funk Railroad and enjoyed a great solo career which included some great music in the contemporary Christian music space.

In this interview we talk about the instructional videos that he's coming out with, some hints about new music that we may be able to see later this year, and some of his views on what's going on in the world today.

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The Boomerocity Interview With Mark Farner