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Posted April 2023

Promo ReducedVisitors to Boomerocity over the past three or four years may remember an interview I did three years ago last month. I posted an interview I did with Greg Chaisson in March of 2020. It was about a band he was involved with called Kings of Dust.

More importantly, you may remember -especially if you are into classic rock - you may remember that Greg was the founding member and bass player for a great band called Badlands.

Fast forward through the pandemic and to today.

Greg has a new band called Atomic Kings and they are releasing their debut album next month. It's phenomenal. I've got to listen to it. It is an amazing and you're going to want to buy the album. So just go ahead and do it. If you trust my word, please do it.

I recently got to talk with not only Greg, but the other three members of the band and what a treat that was. We talked about the new music, how they got together, and how they get along. Trust me, folks, you're gonna laugh a lot because these guys are hysterical.

It's always great to talk to my friend Greg, and great to get the meet the other three members of the band. I think you will walk away from this interview just like I did when I hung up from talking with them . . . and that's just loving these guys even more.

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The Boomerocity Interview with Atomic Kings