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Posted May 2023

Band promo 4 ReducedIf you've only been following us for the last couple of years, you already know that I've had the pleasure of talking with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, twice.

The band has a brand-new album called RokFlote. It's a fascinating album as any Jethro Tull album is. This one is incredibly well written, masterfully recorded, and one for the history books of all time, great albums.

To support the album’s release, I had the opportunity to speak to the band’s iconic figure once again. Always entertaining in a sound, educational, intellectual type of way, even for a guy like me, but we had a wonderful chat. He filled us in on some of the details about the album as much as we could in the time allotted. And again, I'm always appreciative of when artists - especially Ian Anderson - takes the time to chat with us. Consequently, I know you'll enjoy this chat.

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The Boomerocity Interview with Ian Anderson